Travel safely with the European Travel Insurance

As your safety is our main priority, we now offer you with every room booking the option of an European travel insurance. “Hotel Cancellation Premium” covers everything you need in those uncertain times, so you can enjoy your holiday hassle free.

Secure yourself

Hotel Cancellation Premium covers the costs if you are forced to unexpectedly cancel your trip due to a sudden, severe illness by a family member or even if you are terminated from your employment. Additionally, Hotel Cancellation Premium offers insurance cover for trip interruption, delayed commencement or involuntary prolongation of your booked stay, search and rescue as well as benefits following an accident. To secure yourself, we recommend Hotel Cancellation Premium.

COVID-19 and insurance coverage

Cover exists in the event that you, as the insured customer, are unable to commence the trip

  • because you have been found to have an elevated temperature measured, even if a later test result is negative, or you have tested positive for COVID-19 without showing symptoms.
  • if you show COVID-19 symptoms.
  • because a close relative or a person living in the same household has contracted COVID-19 and your urgent presence is required.
  • because a close relative in the shared household has contracted COVID-19 and you must therefore be quarantined.

Cover exists also for costs of involuntary extended accomodation in the event that a customer falls ill during his stay and may not leave the hotel. But no coverage is provided for cost of pure quarantine accommodation.

If you book directly through our website it automatically calculates the fee for the hotel cancellation premium insurance with just one click.