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Awaken your senses – with champagne of the Champagne A. Levasseur. Try a selection at the ADLER RESORT. Learn more about the winemaker David Levasseur!

Try the champagne A. Levasseur in our ALTITUDE bar.

Tastes can trigger emotions, pictures and memories. Have you ever had the feeling of déjà-vu when you enjoyed a drink? The very taste of your beverage takes you back to experiences and situations in the past.

David Levasseur, the winemaker of the Champagne A. Levasseur, has set himself the goal of awakening the senses of his clients. He has a strong character, plenty of energy and many ideas to pour in to his making of champagne. David Levasseur is definitely not your regular winemaker. For him, winery is not just a job, it is his passion. He loves to create champagnes that produce individual sensations to send the customers on their eventful journeys.

You are a connoisseur! Enjoy one of the champagnes of the Champagne A. Levasseur in our ALTITUDE bar.

The making of a sublime winemaker

Winemaking already began in his cradle: his grandfather planted vineyards in the 1940s and created the estate Champagne A. Levasseur. The brand itself was established by his father, who taught David Levasseur the savoir-faire of winemaking. In the 90’s he took over the estate and brought his own visions for champagne making to Champagne A. Levasseur.

With his 4.2 hectare and 18 plots around Cuchery and Châtillon-sur-Marne they produce 35,000 bottles per year. David Levasseur places importance on sustainable viticulture. This results in Certifications of “Viticulture durable” and “HVE” (Haute Valeur Environnementale) level 3 – the highest level. Among his important optimizations are the preservation of biodiversity, a phytosanitary strategy and improving fertilization as well as water resource management.

Try champagnes of the Champagne A. Levasseur at the ADLER RESORT

And you can try his champagnes: in our ALTITUDE bar we offer three types of champagnes by Champagne A. Levasseur. Have a look at our champagne list! David Levasseur and the ADLER RESORT invite you to explore the lovely notes of flowers and white fruits of the champagne Rue du Sorbier. The taste reminds of the whole heritage of champagne making of Champagne A. Levasseur. Trait de Saison is a champagne where spring aromas come through, inspired by the warmth and softness of a beautiful spring.

Curious and interested to take a sip? Get relaxed in the ALTITUDE bar or come to Azwanger - - in Salzburg on November 9th to degust the unique taste of the Champagne A. Levasseur.

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