6 amazing facts about Sushi you have never heard before


Did you know that Sushi does not originally come from Japan? Or that you traditionally do not eat Sushi with sticks? If you didn’t, read our Sushi article!

Sushi: 6 Facts barely anyone knows

Sushi is not a trend but a centuries-old tradition. However, the place of origin of Sushi is not Japan as everyone suspects. Originally, the food made of rice and fish came from China. More precisely, Sushi had its very beginning in the area along the river Mekong in the southeast of Asia. The inhabitants had been searching for a way to conserve freshwater fish by using pickled rice.

This approach arrived in Japan about the end of the 7th century – the first written evidence is dated 718 AD. The Japanese people introduced a lot of new alternatives and a refined way of preparing Sushi.

Sushi facts to impress others

Nearly everyone is talking about Sushi. Everybody knows this food trend. And rightly so: Sushi is delicious and healthy.

We will show you 6 Sushi facts you can share with your family and friends at the next Sushi dinner.

Fact 1: With Sushi you „celebrate a wedding“

In fact, the term „Sushi“ has nothing to do with fish. It basically refers to the way of preparation, to the rice, spiced with vinegar, sugar and salt. The accurate translation of Sushi means „the wedding of pickled rice with other ingredients“. Furthermore, the word „Sushi“ includes the Japanese character for „long life“. This is possibly the link to the origin of Sushi as a healthy way of conservation.

Fact 2: Sushi rice and its way from the useful to the delicious one

Originally it was not common to eat the sushi rice. Due to the fermentation process the rice got a sour taste and was consequently thrown out. The fermentation kept the fish fresh for a period of up to one year. However, from the 14th century onward conservation receded into the background. The vinegar-soured rice is eaten and enjoyed in combination with the fish until today.

Fact 3: Sushi – from hand to mouth

Traditionally, the asian people ate Sushi with their hands, not with sticks. Eating with your hands is the only way to experience the perfection of sushi. The food is made by hands, served by hands and eaten with hands – so use your hands!

Fact 4: Soy sauce should be consumed in moderation

Wasabi and soy sauce are usually not mixed but used separately to season each sushi. The spicy horseradish paste was originally used to kill bacteria and parasites. The soy sauce is drizzled on the fish or the fish side is dipped into the sauce. In no case, however, dip the rice side into the sauce, since this otherwise softens and falls apart.

Fact 5: Tuna is the Sushi star

Tuna – jap. maguro – is often used for Sushi. The special thing about this big fish on the one hand is its ideal quality of meat and on the other hand the high fat content. Its back – jap. akami – is known for its deep red and firm meat. The middle – jap. tsutro – is rich in fat and varying concerning the taste. The meat with the richest part in fat comes from the belly – jap. otoro. It tastes smooth and virtually melts in one’s mouth. Especially when it's eaten fresh.

Fact 6: From street food to the restaurants

In its beginning Sushi used to be solely street food. The earthquake from 1923 took Sushi away from the street. The devastation of the quake destroyed Tokyo so much that property prices fell and sushi chefs could afford stationary restaurants.

Sushi is no longer only popular in Asia. For years, the little Sushi rolls have been celebrating a triumphal march through the whole world.

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