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Use the opportunity to rent our Tesla X at the ADLER RESORT - for exciting holiday trips with a lot of driving pleasure. Read here for more information!

Rent an electric car during your vacation in Saalbach Hinterglemm.

Rent a Tesla in Saalbach Hinterglemm - You are energized

Our new super sports car: the TESLA X with a range of 565 km, space for 7 persons and an acceleration of 0 to 100 km/h in 3.1 seconds! You can rent the electric car at the ADLER RESORT now - for trips and spins with a lot of driving pleasure.

Everyone’s talking about it these days: electromobility. E-bikes, electric scooters and electric cars are said to be modern, eco-friendly and very quiet. But does it really make sense to switch from petrol to electricity?

Scientists, environmental activists and the entire automotive industry don’t really agree about it. And on the internet, there are many discussions about the usefulness of electric cars, too.

But one thing is sure: Driving with an electric motor is fun! This feeling of easiness, the enjoyment of silence without any engine noises is unique. Knowing that you’re not exhausting emissions and that you’re able to recharge energy during you brake feels great.

At the ADLER RESORT you have the opportunity of such a great driving experience. You can book our new super sports car, the Tesla X, for half a day or all day.

Rent a tesla in your holiday in Saalbach Hinterglemm.

Tesla X: Where does its uniqueness come from?

There’s enough space for everyone!

A trip with the entire extended family or a cosy spin as a couple, taking some bikes with you? No problem! The Tesla X adapts to your individual needs.

You can arrange the SUV flexibly: turning down the seats, you can easily adapt the interior just as you want it to be. That’s how the electric car becomes a five-seater, six-seater or even a seven-seater. And if the storage space still isn’t enough, there’s also a trunk under the hood.

Security is guaranteed!

Eight surround cameras offer a 360° all-round visibility and let you recognise all the surrounding objects. So, the Tesla X has been awarded with 5 stars for the safety assessment as well as for the lowest risk of injury. The latest autopilot system assists with steering independently up to 150 km/h. Additionally, the system offers an automatic lane change, lane change warning and the automatic emergency braking.

Having problems looking for a parking space?

Not with the Tesla X! The Falcon Wing swing doors enable a cosy access to the second and third row of seats. A gap of 30 cm is enough for the Falcon Wing swing doors to swing upwards. That’s how you can board at the front as well as at the back unimpededly. Therefore, it won’t be difficult any more to put your kids in the child seat and fasten their seat belts.

Tesla X inside.

Our route tips for your trip with the Tesla

No matter where you’re driving: The route is the goal! We can recommend two beautiful routes to drive with the Tesla.

The Großglockner Alpenstraße is perfectly suitable as a destination. It offers magnificent views over the mountains, especially on the 3798 m high Gloßglockner. This entire route is extended over 38 hairpin bends and is a great experience for everyone. No matter if hiker, families with children or car-lovers: You can’t escape the fascination of this panorama street. That’s why you should schedule some more time for short walks, extensive hiking tours, exhibitions, museums and info points on the way. Especially kids love the Wildpark Ferleiten at the foot of the Hochalpenstraße!

Secondly, we recommend a day trip to Salzburg. On this route you can test the tesla in all its facets. As soon as you’re driving down the latest little hill, you can already see the Hohensalzburg, one of the biggest medieval castle complexes in Europe. When you’ve arrived in Salzburg, you can amble through the charming old town or sit in a cosy café next to the Salzach. Here you can perfectly watch the people and let the city atmosphere work its magic. Or you listen to a concert of the most popular native of Salzburg: the composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, who was born in 1756. No matter what you choose: Our Tesla X brings you safely to your goal and back!

Tesla Insider knowledge

One litre of petrol or diesel weighs less than a kilogram and there are more than 11 kilowatt hours of energy in it. A battery of 60 kilogram would be necessary to save the same quantity of power. That’s why the burner definitely has an advantage of range, even if only a quarter of the energy arrives in the wheels. But for short routes, the electric car is clearly the more economical choice.

Rent a tesla at the ADLER RESORT

Could we arouse your interest or do you have any questions left? Then have a look at our offer “You are energized” or come to the reception of the ADLER RESORT. Here, you can rent a Tesla X for only 99 € per day. Or contact us directly via e-mail to or by telephone under the number +43 (6541) 733. We’re looking forward to seeing you!

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