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We tried all 24 stations of the motor skills path in Saalbach for you. The path along the Saalachpromenade is reachable from the ADLER RESORT.

Motor skills path in Saalbach Hinterglemm.

We from the ADLER RESORT tested the motor skills path in Saalbach for you. We walked along the path and we think it's just cool. Dexterity, balance, agility - all these skills are important and very helpful for the way in Saalbach Hinterglemm. From Jausern to Saalbach it is located along Saalachpromenade. With it's 24 varied stations these 3km are feeling very short.

Motor skills path in Saalbach.

Starting from the ADLER RESORT we begin our way towards Jausern

We started with the bus at the town exit of Hinterglemm - only 5 minutes on foot away from the ADLER RESORT. With the JOKER CARD you can use the bus free of charge, which brings you safely to Jausern, where the motor skills path begins. At every station, there's an information sign with hints for the exercise, numerous variants, training effects and even tips for security.

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The first stations of the motor skills path require dexterity and power.

Already the 1st station is a great start: a long balance parcour with different obstacles, wiggling boards, ribbons and slalom poles. The wodded seesaw with feathers are the most difficult thing - balancing requires muscular work and tension of all bodyparts.

For the 2nd station you'll need a little force in your arms to swing through the climbing line. Swing elements are constructed out of different materials: rubber hose, chains, metal pipes and ropes.

To the left, to the right and to the left again - in the parallel slalom of the 3rd station your running condition and the general agility gets trained. Furthermore it's so much more fun against each other in competition.

Kiting without water is possible on the 4th station. With a little swing you can fly through the air on the kitesurf-simulator and you even can perform different rotations.

On the 5th station you can walk, run, jump or bounce through the spider web. With different step rhythms it's very hard not to touch the tensioned ropes.

The force place, the 6th station, is rather for experienced and trained sportsmen. Here, you can train the muscles creatively - your leg muscles on the squat ledder or your arm-, shoulder,- and back muscles on the battle ropes.

The 7th station is perfect to stretch. With the help of some ribbons in different heights you can stretch your legs on one station, on the other one you can stretch your arms and shoulders and on the pyramid of boxes you can stretch your whole body./p>

On the 8th station the red sphere has to be moved through the labyrinth wiggling board with shifting the body and changing standing positions. This isn't easy at all, especially if you're standing on this plate together.

The 9th station you can see from far away - colourful, funny figures, where you can climb through carefully, best without touching them. Accurate control and taking on extraordinary body positions is claiming the whole body coordination.

On the 10th station you walk over wooden floorboards with different swinging characteristics on a segment bridge. Barefooted, the feeling is even more intense and when you're blindly guided of your partner, you pay attention to the environment in a very different way.

Doing sports in the nature of Saalbach Hinterglemm.Train outside: motor skills path Saalbach.


The motor skills path offers variety for everyone

Wriggling through poles and wooden sticks, sometimes tight and sometimes large: that's the exercise on the 11th station. It's a funny competition if you play for time and as a group you can solve the exercise forming a queue of people, handling the parcour hand in hand together.

The lying eight connects two hemispheres. On the 12th station you can train this on the balance-eight. Who is able to move the two spheres with a constant speed, just moving your body through the lying eight?

On the round golf course you don't really play golf. On the 13th station, you're standing alone or in pairs on this round wiggling plate.
Our tip: Try to unbalance the other person without touching.

The thick ship's rope kan carry many persons. On the 14th station you swing on the stand-up-swing for yourself or with your friends.

On the 15th station, a 5kg heavy stone ball is important. In the ball-bump arena you can test your explosive- and high speed strength. But take care that the ball doesn't roll on your feet.

The feather-octagon, the 16th station, with different wiggling boards, requires the whole deep perception of the body. And on the way to the next station you can practise the name of the station "Propriozeptionsparadies" as a tongue twister speeking very quickly. ☺

On the 17th station, the alpine water-ski-wall, you can practise the right position for your next adventure. With the hands on the handle, vertical to the wall and a tensed fuselage you can drive on different lines.

Winter isn't there yet, but the ski simulator on station 18 will make you want to ski. Here you stand in downhill position on wooden skis with a wiggling board and if possible you shouldn't make the plates swing. It isn't that easy and even very strenuous for the thighs.

The Hula-Kubus on the 19th station is a very special game. Hanging like a swing, the big turning wheel is made to stand on it with both legs, with just one leg or even balancing with closed eyes. And who is able to compensate the swinging in pairs?

In Germany, there's a phrase: "Ist der Fisch auch noch so klein, er muss erst mal gefangen sein!". Literally, this means "Even if the fish is very small, it can be a challenge to catch it". And that's how the 20th station makes you feel. With a big tree-trunk-fishing-rod it isn't easy to put the fishhook into the hollow goals. You need a good hand-eyes-coordination and your whole body needs to be stabilised.

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The team of the ADLER RESORT starts the last stations

You can't be disoriented on the 21st station, because in the orientation-forest there are 30 tree trunks with numbers. Here, you have to reach your goal walking, running, jumping or bouncing by orienting on the numbers. No matter if you're alone, in twos or in a group - you'll definitely have fun.

On the 22nd station you can cross many different undergrounds and materials. The name of the path is "different walking", which describes pretty well what is expected from you. It's impressive to walk this path barefooted and with closed eyes, guided of a friend. Thereby you can perceive the undergrounds very consciously and maybe even feel the difference between big and small stones, tree trunks, chips and smooth wiggling boards.

DThe stoned path with big stones is a beautiful path on the 23rd station, which winds like an eight through the trees. Barefooted you really feel the coolness of the stones so that you can perceive their roughness so much better.

Station number 24 is the last one and it consists of a 3D-coordination-platform, where you have to walk on slacklines and different sized wooden beams. Of course, you can do it with your partner too, for example with closed eyes or "on all fours".

The motor skills path can be fun for the entire family for 4-5 hours, if you would like to be a little active in your vacation in Saalbach Hinterglemm. In our You are Adler Blog you can find so much more ideas for exciting activities in your vacation. Just have a look on it!

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