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The kitchen of the ADLER RESORT regards every guest and even individual wishes. Gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian: we're cooking for you. More information here!

Enjoy delicious food in our hotel in Saalbach Hinterglemm.

More and more people suffer from coeliac disease or gluten sensitivity. About two years ago, I also received the diagnosis of coeliac disease. That's why I have to be on a gluten-free diet. Going on holiday or just travelling around needs to be prepared a little more than normally.

Can I get a gluten-free breakfast at the Hotel, are they cooking a special gluten-free lunch and dinner on site or do I have to care for myself? Do they pay attention to contamination? And are for example other food intolerances considered? These questions came up to me and all the other concerned people before every little travel.

That's why I sneaked in the kitchen of the ADLER RESORT and asked the chef Amira many questions, how this is handled at the ADLER RESORT.

Food intolerances, vegetarian & vegan dishes at the ADLER RESORT

Luisa: Hi Amira. Does the ADLER RESORT offer gluten-free dishes?

Amira: We even regard individual wishes of our guests. This means, that if someone of our guests is on a gluten-free diet, we're cooking a special gluten-free meal. But even on the buffet, you can easily avoid gluten because of the huge range of different food. Many dishes are gluten-free by nature. Every evening, our kitchen staff shows gluten-free food of the buffet to our concerned guests. As we don't use any flavour enhancers, spice mixtures, finished products etc. our kitchen knows exactly what the individual dishes include.

Luisa: What gluten-free bread is offered? Is there gluten-free wheat starch included?

Amira: The bakery of our trust delivers toast and pastries without any gluten-free wheat starch. That means, that even the breakfast is no problem. The concerned people get a bread basket with gluten-free pastries right on their table.

Luisa: And what kinds of gluten-free pasta do you use? Are they available with gluten-free wheat starch?

Amira: We offer special gluten-free pasta. According to the list of ingredients, there's no wheat starch included. But we will add gluten-free buckwheat noodels in our card now, too, so that our guests have an alternative.

Luisa: Do you have a special toaster for gluten-free bread, toast and pastries?

Amira: The gluten-free bread is toasted with a special toaster in our kitchen, because on the buffet you can't avoid that gluten containing bread is coming in touch with it. That's why our service staff brings the gluten-free pastries right to your table.

Luisa: How is payed attention to contamination in the kitchen? Do you use separate pans, pots etc? And is there a separate workplace, where no gluten containing flour is used?

Amira: Of course we use separate pans, pots, cooking spoons etc. We are aware of our responsibility and we're working properly. There's no separate working space, but we pay attention to prepare the food separately, so that we can exclude every kind of contamination.

Luisa: If there's gluten-free food baked with gluten-containing food in the oven, are you putting the gluten-free food up so that there's no contamination?

Amira: Basically, we don't bake gluten-free food and gluten-containing food together at all. This would be too risky.

Luisa: How do you fry schnitzel, fries etc.? Are fries for example gluten-free then or is all prepared in the fryer?

Amira: We only prepare schnitzel and fries in a pan and never in a fryer. This means that the fries are gluten-free of course.

Luisa: Should concerned guests inform the hotel, that gluten-free food is needed before they arrive? Or is there usually something in stock?

Amira: There's always something in the hotel so that we can react spontaneously. But of course it will be helpful for the kitchen to inform them timely.

Luisa: Can other food intolerances like lactose intolerance or fructose intolerance be regarded additionally?

Amira: Every kind of food intolerance is regarded. Alternative products like soya milk, almond milk, vegan spreads and lactose-free butter are standard on our buffet.

Luisa: Is the service staff teached regarding contamination?

Amira: Yes, of course. But at the arrival of the concerned person the kitchen takes responsibility and communicates every little detail with the guest. After that, our service staff gets a briefing and is well informed.

Luisa: Thank you so much for your time. You are very well prepared for us "Celiacs"!

All Inclusive, breakfast or à la carte - in all our restaurants and buffets we react individually to our guests. We take food intolerances very seriously and we offer appropriate alternatives, thereby you can feel comfortable here.

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