Bathing in the forest - the positive effect of our nature


A stay in the forest supports our health, the immune system, the inner calmness and the well-being ✿ Read here to learn more about the positive effect of nature!

Hiking vacation in Austria: enjoy fresh air in the beautiful nature of Saalbach Hinterglemm.

Bathing in the forest: healthy for body and soul

“Shinrin Yoku” in English means “bathing in the atmosphere of the forest”. Japanese scientists discovered by means of several different studies, that a stay in the forest has an effect like kind of an aromatherapy, which supports our health. This positive effect of bathing in the forest primarily comes from the “terpene”-molecules, which are secreted by trees. Our immune system reacts on these molecules with a clear increase of the body’s defences and the development of killer cells. The latter contribute destroying cancer cells and potential cancer cells. Furthermore, just looking at trees, woods and their green colour activates the parasympathetic nervous system, our so-called “nerve of calmness”. That’s how bathing in the forest supports relieving stress and it helps preventing burnout. Test persons in several different studies felt much more relaxed and calmed after a short stay in the forest or even just after watching at a photography of the wood.

Bathing in the forest - this is how it works!

First of all, it’s important to know that there are no specific rules. Everybody experiences and perceives the forest in an individual way. But there are some tips to simplify the entry and to fully feel the positive effect of the forest:

Strolling, resting and perceiving!

It’s important to really take some time to bath in the forest and avoid long routes. Walking slowly and consciously, pausing and looking around makes the woodland walk really special, so that it feels like a new experience. Try to explore the forest through the eyes of a child - because there’s so much to discover!

Trying out!

Discover familiar things newly! Create a mandala on the ground, weave grasses, collect stones, acorns and chestnuts or look for a beautiful walking stick. Even soft movements, yoga exercises and balancing over tree trunks elicit new energy and power of the body.

Attentiveness and silence

Just be completely in the moment and dedicate your whole attention to the forest! Enjoy the silence, the sounds of the wood and being alone. Breathing exercises or meditation can help conciliating your body and soul. However you want to call this kind of relaxation: In the environment of the ADLER RESORT you can find plenty of trees, greenery, woods and forests. The team of the ADLER RESORT wishes you a lot of fun and calm moments :-) !



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