The Pinzgauer specialty "Blad'l" from the Rammern Alm


The Pinzgau's specialty Blad'l from Rammern Alm is worth trying. Learn more about it in our You are ADLER blog. Read all information right here!

Blad'l are one of the oldest and most regional dishes in Saalbach Hinterglemm. This crispy taste experience attracts many people to the Rammern Alm. Here you can try the homemade Pinzgau specialty."

But how are Blad'l made and what ingredients are needed? We have looked over the shoulder of Lisbeth at Rammern Alm for you:

The ingredients for the dough Lisbeth has revealed to us:

  • wheat flour
  • fresh milk
  • butter
  • salt

These are kneaded into a dough and rolled out thinly. Then they are fried in a special Blad'l pan in very hot fat on the wood stove.

But how exactly the Blad'l gets so delicious, remains a family secret. Prescription and preparation tricks are only given from generation to generation.

Since it takes a lot of experience to bake really good Pinzgauer Blad'l, we recommend you to enjoy it by Lisbeth with sauerkraut, filled with Kartoffelgröst'l or sweet with cranberry jam.

The ADLER RESORT team is happy to take over the table reservation for you.

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