The e-bike as a first step into sports


The history of evolution shows that we all need movement in our everyday life. The human body is not made for sitting around but rather for active movements.

Activeness is a normal function for the human body and it´s also important for our health and performance. Another advantage is your lower risk for cardiovascular problems or obesity. It also increases your fitness level.

To improve their health, grown-ups should exercise roughly 2.5 hours per week. An electric bicycle is the perfect way to start with physical activity. If you want to test an e-bike, you can do so at our hotel.

Rent a bike at our hotel for your first tour!

How can an e-bike improve your fitness level?

For people who aren’t that active, electrical bicycles are a convenient approach to physical exercise. Thanks to the engine riding an e-bike is easy for someone who starts with sports. They will have fun riding a bicycle. With an e-bike it is easier to reach the goal of a long-distance tour and that´s why you stay motivated. This will lead to a higher endurance and improved health in the future.

Ride an e-bike and burn calories

For many people the calorie consumption is getting more important every day. Not only the calorie intake but also the daily calorie consumption through activity can be noted. How many calories do you burn during riding an e-bike depends on the trail you choose. A tour through a rough trail burns more calories, for example. Also, less help from the engine increases the caloric output. Athletes and people who love doing sports can choose the level of difficulty perfectly. So, we can say for sure that riding an e-bike is also a form of sports and helps burning calories. It only depends on your own goal.

Positive aspects of the e-bike sport

Someone who does more sport burns more calories and is getting fitter. Different studies show that athletes ride with an e-bike more often and longer than with a normal bicycle. Even if you had a hard workout, you can still ride your e-bike afterwards. Athletes can ride the bike in their own workout level constantly. That´s called an aerobic workout, which helps to encourage the metabolism. Also, it helps to slow down the heartbeat and the blood pressure in a healthy way.

The aerobical workout also helps maintaining the power consistently without overwhelming the body. After the winter break, an illness or any longer break, the e-bike sport with is the solution: you can improve your fitness step by step. After reaching an aerobic base fitness you can switch from an electrical to a regular bicycle at will.

Have we convinced you? Then go on and ride your bicycle! You can read about beautiful routes around the ADLER RESORT in our next article.

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