Stress-free suitcase packing: The decisive tips


You love holidays, but packing the suitcase stresses you? We have collected the crucial tips for a stress-free suitcase packing ➤ Read more here!

Your holiday in Hinterglemm is booked and the excitement is rising, but the big task of packing your bags has yet to come. For some, this part is easy but for others it's more like a science. It may even develop into a nightmare - when you realize something important has been forgotten. To help minimize your stress, we have prepared a few handy tips:

Many people might stand in front of their pile of clothes, shoes and cosmetic products wondering, how is all this going to fit into the suitcase.

  • Preparation is everything!
    Before you frantically start throwing everything into your suitcase, take some time to think. Imagine that you are already on holiday at the ADLER RESORT; think about what you want to do and what you will actually need. Put together a list of things you will need (you could even save it onto your computer for your next holiday). A useful way of selecting your clothing is by checking the weather forecast in advance of your stay. In addition, its best just to pack the favourite clothes, as the rest usually remain in the suitcase unworn. With kids, its best to kindly explain that not everything can be packed and that they should just take their favourite toy.
  • Suitcase or travel bag?
    This question can be important, depending on your mode of transport. When travelling by plain or other modes of public transport a hard-shell case is good as it protects the contents most effectively. In the car, however, the travel bag is sometimes easier as it is more adaptable to fit into smaller spaces.
  • Creating an overview!
    For a better overview use your list to get everything together. This next step is then important; When you have gathered all your things together, ask yourself: “are all these items really necessary for my trip”.
  • Into the suitcase!
    Now you can start the packing! It is best to pack the bigger items first, such as shoes and pants, as they take up the most space. Then layer in the cloths; socks, underpants and small items can be filled into the gaps. Finally, blouses and shirts go on top so that they stay as wrinkle-free as possible.
  • 5 final tips from the professionals
    Roll instead of fold – saves space!
    – Shoes and cosmetic products go into plastic bags - so the clothes remain dirt free!
    – Don’t pack until bursting – keep space for your holiday shopping!
    – Wrap delicate scarves around a toilet/kitchen roll – for a guaranteed wrinkle-free look!
    – And the ultimate contingency plan against those wrinkly clothes: hang them up in the bathroom, the steam from a hot shower can work wonders.

We look forward to helping you with your luggage up to your apartment soon!

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