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Ski innovations, ski trends, improved inventions? What is trendy and innovative? We have tested new ski trends with Hansi at Rabbit Sport by Hasenauer, our inhouse ski hire. We present you the news of the winter season 2019/2020 in our latest blog article!

Trends in alpine skiing

Once again, skiers prefer a wider size for alpine skis this year. This gives the ski the necessary uplift in deep snow or thick snow. The all-mountain ski is trending, an all-rounder among skis, no matter whether on the piste, in deep snow, soft “sulz” snow or hard firn. Overall, the skis are becoming lighter. Often the tip and tail are lightweight, and they have a hard core in the middle section – based entirely on elements from racing. Also, the fitting of the ski boots is getting evermore finer, etw.and the issue of sustainability has now reached even the ski industry.

What do we have in our range of new ski models?

We carry skis by the following brands:

  • LEKI
  • HEAD
  • ELAN

We’d like to present some of the brand-new models from Atomic, Rossignol and Blizzard. All these ski novelties are also available to you at the ADLER RESORT Inhouse. The ski trends are just waiting for you to get on the slope and try them out!

Carving Ski: Atomic Redster X9 Widebody

Already last season, the "Atomic Redster" line was not anymore available in red but a luminous green. In the future, it will also be available in the "Widebody" version. This means a slightly wider middle width of 75 mm. That way, the ski maintains the usual hard, precise driving characteristics of the well-known Redster ski, but it is easier to ride in different snow conditions. This somewhat leads the carving model into the all-mountain area.

Ladies Ski: Rossignol Nova

The "Rossignol Nova" series starts with the Nova 2: very flexible (Assist Flex), therefore very accessible and light. Ideal to boost the confidence of beginners. The series continues with slightly less flexible (Active Flex) models, which are very suitable for advanced skiers. In addition, there is the "Nova 14 TI" model with much stiffer and more reactive Flex (Boost Flex), which ski instructors and ex-racers are going to love.

All-Mountain Ski: Blizzard Brahma

The Blizzard Brahma impresses with its versatility. In powder it floats constantly at the top thanks to its Flip Core tip and tail rocker. On the piste or in deep snow it shows what it can do through playful handling with 88 mm or 82 mm medium width and the rich Edge grip. A true all-rounder for every snow situation.

Luxury at the ADLER RESORT

The ADLER RESORT offers all guests an in-house ski rental. We work together with Hansi from Rabbit Sport by Hasenauer. And he gives you our 10% ADLER discount on the total amount. Children up to 14,99 years get 50% discount and children up to 10 years get their equipment and helmets for free when their parents also rent gear.

Well, what advantages are there when you rent skis or snowboards from Hansi in advance?

  • On the day of your arrival, your ski will be waiting in your hotel. Tedious towing of the equipment is no longer necessary, and you gain valuable holiday time.
  • In addition, we offer a wide selection of the latest ski models and the popular Over-Night Service. Just leave your skis with us when you get back and pick it up the next day in top condition.
  • And to save the best for last: Guests at the ADLER RESORT can rent their gear for 7 days but will only have to pay for 6 days!

Use the ski trends for your mountain adventure, relax with ADLER. Are you ready? We at the ADLER RESORT wish you wonderful snow days.

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