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Is there anything better than being pampered while on holiday? A massage is just the right thing! Whether you’ve spent the day hiking or on the slope, your muscles will enjoy a little timeout.

At the ADLER RESORT we’d like to spoil you just the way you like! Experience relaxing days at the hotel with massages to zone out.

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Massages from around the world at the ADLER RESORT

At the ADLER RESORT we pamper you in various ways. Experience massages from all around the world. We’ll explain the different massages, some of which have exotic names:

Classic Swedish massage

This massage is good for alleviating and relieving tension. With effleurage and kneading, this type of treatment conveys a sense of lightness and well-being.

Hawaiian lomi lomi nui massage

This massage is a geographical exotic among our treatments. In its original form it is a very therapeutic bodywork. Roughly translated, lomi lomi nui means “unique, healing kneading”. It can be either be performed gently or rather hard. You can look forward to a treatment for the body, spirit and soul!

Herbal stamp massage

Warm herbal stamps massage valuable essential oils into your skin. The hand-picked herbs will give you vitality and strength! With an adequate level of pressure as well as rhythmic and circling motions tensions in your body will be relieved. You will gain new vital energy!

Hot stone massage

Especially Indian and Hawaiian shamans attested a healing effect to the warm lava stones. Enjoy the warmth of the stones as it enters deep layers of tissue. Your fascia and musculature will relax, blood vessels will expand and the lymph system will be stimulated. This improves agility and mobilisation of the joints and tendons – so you can replenish your energy and face the mountain anew!

Traditional Thai massage

This massage is a manual technique with stretching elements. A pressure massage prepares the body. The treatment of acupressure points and the fascial trigger points relaxes the muscles. The metabolism is stimulated and all organs are supplied with sufficient blood and oxygen. Therefore, this massage has an energetically balancing effect.

Muscle shiatsu

The Japanese term Shiatsu translates to “finger pressure”.  Allegorically speaking, it is the art of touch, which balances the locomotor system and loosens tensions in the muscles. It is energetic bodywork and can relief pain as well as stimulate self-regulating forces.

Thai therapy massage

The Thai therapy massage is a very old acupressure points technique, which originates in India, Thailand and China. In past cultures of Asia it was performed to escape various kinds of pain and blockades. It is characterized by a deep understanding of the chakra system as well as knowledge about the pathways and functions of the energy gates.

Thai therapy massages can be booked in combination with a herbal stamp mass either straight afterwards or on the next day. Or as a single treatment of 110 minutes. Please speak to the masseur or one of our staff members at the reception.

How do you benefit from our massages?

A good massage works from the skin surface down to the lying organs. Only few other forms of therapy have a similar wide range of effect.

Starting out with the acute therapy, a massage can accelerate the regeneration of muscle fatigue, loosen cramps and reduce pain. It also works on both a physical and emotional level and, therefore, reduces stress.

A massage can also function as a preventive measure. It can guard against inflammations and increases body awareness. Massages also teach the body that it can feel good when it is well cared for, even when there are no current afflictions.

Search for your massage at the ADLER RESORT (Link: or consult our team. Please inform the masseur if you have physical impairments! We will find just the right treatment for you.

And then nothing will stand in the way of pure enjoyment!

We wish you a soothing massage at our hotel and a relaxing time in the ADLER RESORT.

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