The special hiking trail: Interview with the developer of the "You are ADLER" trail


Interview with Sabine Schulz, the developer of the "You are ADLER" trail

From now on our guests have the possibility to walk the "You are ADLER" trail. This special hiking trail in Saalbach Hinterglemm starts at the ADLER Roof Top, follows the official hiking trails at the Reiterkogel, and leads to Forest Wellness.

On a total of 5 kilometers and 600 meters in altitude you will awaken your inner lightness! How? With specific movement and breathing exercises at very special places. For the development of the "You are ADLER" trail, we have brought an expert in the field of "Nature, People and Wellbeing" on board. Sabine Schulz from NATURESPONSE®! We interviewed her about the "You are ADLER" trail and her work.

1.) What does your company NATURESPONSE® do, Sabine?

NATURESPONSE® develops new or further hiking trails with tourism associations and communities as well as with special nature-orientated hotels.

The special feature: the natural environment with trees, rocks or watercourses consciously becomes a stage for adequate movement and breathing exercises. People feel this.

It sharpens the appreciative eye for our nature - the nature outside as well as our nature inside. In other words, our body, our thinking and everything that is important in our heart. This is exactly what we do with NATURESPONSE®: We build tangible "bridges" from man to nature and vice versa.

2.) Man and nature? Why does it need to be connected proactively?

Human beings have always oriented their development and growth on the strength and essence and "knowledge" of nature. And the people have to make countless decisions every day, which then have to be executed with awareness, strength and action. More than ever it is important to make the right decisions at any given time. And to do this, we also need our feeling, sensitivity and intuition in addition to our alert mind. In all NATURESPONSE® exercise combinations of walking, moving, breathing and other impulses, exactly this connection of thinking and feeling is therefore strengthened.

3.) What is special about the "You are ADLER" trail?

Here (at least) three strong ingrediens complement each other to form a particularly powerful experience mixture:

  • the ADLER Resort with all its strengthening pleasure fields
  • ADLER as the name-giving power animal of the Alps
  • and the impressive nature with visible landscape mythology around the resort.

We have developed a systematic sequence of ADLER strengthening exercises as a physically experiencable story! These are done by the trail walkers at the appropriate places and passages. A young ADLER becomes fledged and gets more and more a sovereign distribution of strength through his own strengthening in steps. He becomes loose and light.

This is the positive message that "floats" over the entire trail and is taken along beyond the vacation.

Sabine Schulz has developed the "You are ADLER" trail.

4.) For whom is the "You are ADLER" trail suitable?

For all those who want to enjoy and be surprised by pleasant whole-body movements in the fresh mountain and panoramic nature. And who want to discover their inner strength and lightness. It is important to me to say that you can of course also do single passages. For all those who want to make less effort, simply choose the ride up with the Reiterkogel cable car and go down the passages and places individually! Furthermore, Albert (Chef of ADLER RESORT) and I ask you to respect nature. We use its resources and treat it with humility. That means, please do not leave anything lying around, take garbage with you etc.

5.) What should you take with you on this hiking trail?

In your backpack there should be a bottle of water per person, a small snack, a rain jacket, a sweater and also a headgear. Depending on the temperature this can be a headband or a cap. And of course do not forget sunscreen!

6.) Where can I get the instructions for the "You are ADLER" trail?

In the guest app on your cell phone or a printout at the hotel reception.

Sabine, thanks for the interview. We wish our guests a lot of fun while discovering their inner resources.

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