Photography tips to help you take even better holiday photos


80% of a good photo is due to the person who holds the camera and releases the shutter. Not the super-expensive camera, not the exotic, paradisaic beach subject or the beautiful model. No, it’s the photographer who brings light into the darkness with his pictorial design and subject choice.

Many of your precious holiday memories end in the Instagram #youareadler photo colelction of the ADLER RESORT. That’s why we thought to ourselves it would be a good idea to share some simple yet practical photography tips with you!

Photo tip 1: Take photos in the golden hours of the day

The lighting is a crucial factor for a good photo. The most beautiful light of the day can be found just before or just after the sunrise. Late sleepers can also use the last rays of the sun. There are many splendid lighting situations from late afternoon, when the shadows are getting longer, until sunset. This kind of light will make any holiday snap more fascinating!

Photo tip 2: Unusual angles change perspective

And not just that! Interesting angles can change photo subjects and that way also the final images. Photos often seem boring when they’re always taken from the same perspective. Try something new and try to not always hold the camera at eye level.

Depending on what you’re photographing, you can achieve a completely different image effect. Try getting on your knees or take a photo from a bird’s eye view (a so-called high-angle shot). You could also lie down for a landscape photo so that the grass in front of you is part of the image. This kind of method is also called worm’s-eye view or low-angle shot.

In photography everything is permitted! Every special perspective catches the attention of the viewer and sets your picture apart from others!

Photo tip 3: Bring depth into your photo

What exactly does this mean? The depth of field (DOF) is the focus depth in a photo. This defines the area of a photo, which is sharp. At first, you will need to choose a clear main subject, a foreground. This could be for example a rock, a stone, a fence, a bush or a person. This subject should be displayed as sharp. The background will automatically be displayed as blurred. This opens the image and guides the view.

Photo tip 4: Photos require frames

This does not refer to the classic wooden frame but the so-called natural frame. You can find these kinds of frames anywhere. It could be an archway, a gateway, a view through a door or branches of a tree. With this frame you can direct the eyes of the viewer right to your desired main subject and also give your photo a certain depth.

Photo tip 5: The golden ratio in the image composition

The golden ratio can be found everywhere in nature. But what exactly is it? The golden ratio is the classic proportional relationship. We often make use of this intuitively when we take photos. It gives the photo a balancing effect because it matches both the harmonic principles of natural shapes, and the perception. But how do I achieve this kind of harmonic proportion in my photo?

Many digital cameras can display a grid with crosshatch lines – have a look at the manual. With these lines and the four intersection points you can put your main subject on one of these intersection points. This could be a single bloom, tree, hilltop, person or (in portraits) an eye.Even if you don’t make use of actual crosshatch lines, mental lines and intersection points will help you in creating a harmonic picture composition.

Whatever you do, remember: less is more! When you take a photo, this means taking your time and choose fewer but special subjects. Weed out some of your photos until a small but high-quality selection of photos remains. You can show those to your friends and family and tell them about your holiday stories!

With these tips you can certainly improve your photography! We at the ADLER RESORT would like to wish you a beautiful holiday, great success with your photos unique memories!

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