The fancy gift idea for Christmas from Sebastian - the Enn Schnaps!


The distillery Enn Schnaps from Saalbach Hinterglemm will be managed by Sebastian Schwaighofer. The distillery is now part of the ADLER RESORT!

Sebastian has been working closely with the former owner Bartl Enn for weeks in order to learn, deepen and completely understand the craft of distilling schnapps. Bartl Enn is happy to have found such a committed successor: "I am happy that I can pass on my knowledge and experience to a young, motivated man. I think he can continue with the same enthusiasm as I do, and I have the good feeling that Enn Schnaps is in the right hands".

True treasures from the distillery

Quality is the trademark of the Enn Schnaps distillery - you can see, taste and smell it. Every sip is a unique taste experience. The noble brandies of Enn Schnaps are made from 100% fully ripened fruits, and only from untreated, hand-picked fruits. Only untreated mountain spring water from the controlled in-house spring is used to adjust the drinking strength. This Christmas gift idea is guaranteed to be a hit!

Schnapps and Brandies: The Difference

What is the difference between schnapps and brandies? The word schnapps has its origin in the word "schnappen", which translates to „to snap“. This suggests that the schnapps is drunk in a quick sip from a small glass. Schnapps is made from fruits, potatoes or grain. The distillate portion (noble brandy portion) must amount to at least 33% of the total alcohol. Brandies, on the other hand, are brewed exclusively by alcoholic fermentation and distillation of a fruit or fruit cider.

The alcohol comes exclusively from the fruit that gives it its name and is not flavoured. Noble brandies consist of 100% distillate, which is only adjusted to drinking strength with suitable water.

Distilling schnapps is therefore a real art. Each distiller has his own procedure and his own secret recipe. That's why the noble brandies all taste so different.

The perfect, extravagant gift for Christmas

From stone & pome fruit brandies to berry brandies or a gin or liqueur, at Enn Schnaps you will find exactly the right gift for Christmas. Are you still missing a Christmas present? Then have a look at Sebastian and Enn-Schnaps.

Perhaps you will find what you are looking for in our specialities. A Christmas orange brittle brandy, relatively mild, with a sweet touch of chocolate. Or noble brandy from flower honey, with a fine and flowery bouquet and long-lasting on the palate.

Visit Sebastian at the distillery!

It is only 200 m away from the ADLER RESORT and invites you to taste the fine drinks. The schnaps are also available now at the ADLER RESORT. Your stay at the ADLER RESORT will also provide you with the perfect gift idea for Christmas!

The ADLER RESORT and the Schwaighofer family hope you enjoy your stay at the ADLER RESORT.

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