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The electric bicycle has become a trend. How does an e-bike work? What is the difference between e-bike and motorized bicycle? Find out more about e-bikes! 

E-bike: a little fact-check

Many people think of an e-bike as the classical electric bicycle. But there are different types of electric bicycle. There are similarities, too. 

E-bikes support the cyclist with a motor, which makes pedaling so much easier. Electric bicycles can go as fast as 45 km/h therefore you should wear a helmet. 

Electric bicycle: different types explained in a short text 

Other terms for e-bikes include „motorized bicycle” and “pedal electric cycle” (pedelec). All these terms are equally accepted. Also, the motorized bicycle can drive almost 25 km/h. 

Another variation of the electric bicycle is called the s-pedal electric cycle. It looks similar to a regualr e-bike but the huge difference is the motor. The s-pedelec is like a small motorcycle. Therefore, you will need a driver licence, a licence plate and a vehicle type approval. You will also need to wear a helmet. 

There are some more differences between e-bikes, pedelecs and electric bicycles: 

  • The position of the motor 
  • The engine power 
  • The capacity of the battery 

4 types of e-bike motors 

There are 4 types of a motor for an e-bike: 

1. E-bike – front engine 

The motor of an e-bike with front engine is located at the front wheel. At the front wheel, in the wheel hub, to be exact. One important component for the bike and ansures that the wheel rolls. It is made of an arbor, a wheel bearing and the casing. 

You can find this simple type of installation in inexpensive e-bikes. There is one disadvantage, though: the more powerful the motor is, the more difficult is the handling of the e-bike. 

2. Rear-wheel drive 

The motor from a rear-wheel drive is located in the nab of the back wheel. Most of the times the rear-wheel drive works constantly and strongly. That´s why you can find these types of motors for long distance and sport e-bikes. 

3. Mid-drive motor 

The so-called mid-rive motor is located in the wheel bearing. Even in a regular bicycle this is the part where the actual force lies. Only here you have to push the pedals. 

Neither the back nor the front wheel needs to be special wheels. The big advantage is the feeling when you ride this kind of bicycle. But the complexity of such an e-bike makes it more expensive than a normal bicycle. 

4. Seat tube engine 

An e-bike with a seat tube engine is the less common motorized bicycle. The engine is located in the seat tube and goes through an angular gear to connect the engine with the foot treadle. 

The battery of the seat tube engine is hidden in one of the saddlebags. While riding the e-bike you can turn the motor on or off. 

What should you know about the motorized bicycle? 

If you want to enjoy your e-bike you should pay attention to the battery. Common batteries can be recharged between 500 and 700 times. A new battery is rather expensive, so it is important to handle the battery with care. In the winter, for example, you should store the battery in a dry place that isn´t too cold. 

To protect the battery, you also can drive economically. You could, for instance, use the drive control. 

How e-bikes became a topic in the ADLER RESORT and how you can use motorized bicycles you can see on our second article. 

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