Collecting downhill experiences in Saalbach Hinterglemm


Collecting first downhill experiences in Saalbach Hinterglemm: we did it! Now, you should dare to go on the mountain with a bike. More information here!

"Pretty steep" - that was my first thought seeing my first downhill-trail. "How should I ever come down here?!" - well, okay: Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Our first downhill-day began at the Rabbit Sports by Hasenauer at 8.30 in the morning.

Equipped with protectors, long sleeve shirt, shin guards over the knees and an integral helmet we felt well prepared and protected. Fritz Steger, from the Hotel Hasenauer and our guide for the day, picked us up after we got our downhill bikes from Hansi, the owner of the Rabbit Sports by Hasenauer. Then we went to the Kohlmeisbahn in Saalbach.

Make great downhill experiences during your vacation in Saalbach.

Punctually taking the first railway we drove up to the middle-station, the start of the Milka line. Boarding with the bike was the first challenge that day. Carrying the bike upright on the handlebar, we managed to get five people in the cabin. As we arrived on top, Fritz gave us some first instructions:

  • Adjusting the saddle deeply - because you drive standing or you push the bike, there's nothing in between.
  • Holding the upper body parallel to the ground!
  • Shift your weight on the front tyres and position the breast towards the handlebar!
  • Important: the gorilla position of the arms - elbows outwards and leaning forwards.
  • Let the pedals stand parallel to the ground - it's the easiest solution for the beginning.
  • Brake with one finger at each hand - best regularly and simultaneously.

Five minutes later, we went downhill. In the beginning we were careful and slow. But the more we trusted the great brakes of the downhill bikes, the better we got into the "flow", like downhill bikers call the feeling of the flow of movement. Fritz' most essential tip followed up: "Look forwards, especially in the curves." And it really helped reading the curves better and to enjoy driving.

Downhill: biking in Saalbach Hinterglemm.Bikepark in Saalbach: visit the downhill trail.

Our trip moved up with the Schattberg Express with the destination 'Hackelberg Trail', one of Fritz' favorite tours. That amazing and natural panorama trail starts on west peak. But you have to earn the 'Hacklberg Trail' firstly, deemed Fritz. And that was just the way it was. Around 10 min we shifted our bikes steep uphill to the peak. Arriving at the top we were recompensed not only by a 360 degree view of the mountain panorama, but also with the anticipation of an 10 km long and 1000 altitude difference Singeletail - the flowy combination of Hacklberg Trail and Beuchegg Trail as far as down to Hinterglemm.With several little breaks, enjoying the landscape, we drove past blueberry bushes, over hill and dale, roots and woots, through forests and meadows.

A truly indescribable experience, where you can simply get away completely from it all - full concentration while driving and again and again the breathtaking nature. Fritz told us that he actually comes into this enjoyment every day: either he drives the Hacklberg Trail with his guests or even after work. After about an hour we arrived at the bottom and finally drove to the Zwölferkogel to the Z-Line, which could offer a little more challenge with small ramps. Safe and a little bit done we arrived at noon at the Rabbit Sports by Hasenauer, where we happily and satisfied handed back our equipment, which was still intact.

Downhill-trail in Saalbach Hinterglemm.

Our conclusion: Half a day is enough to start completely, because concentration and strength slow however quite quickly. For all - even children from 8/9 years - it is really an unforgettable experience that everyone should try, who likes mountainbiking and a bit of action.

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